October for me associate with yellow leaves, pumpkins, Halloween and of course dark lips.

Dark lips gives so much more edge to the look and at least I feel so much more badass, which I love!

Although most of the fashion designers prefer natural looking make up this fall I think, that occasionally, with right eye make up, you can pull dark lips.

Some designers, such as Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Trussardi, Emanuel Ungaro, Ermanno Scervino prefer dark lips this fall:

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Yes, it look gorgeous, but i takes time to apply dark lipstick, because you have to be more precise. Here’s my dark lipstick routine:

  1. Wax your upper lip hair a.k.a. mustache. Your dark lips is going to be the center of your face, you don’t want to think that people are watching not at your lips but mustache.


2. Exfoliate lips. You want to apply your lipstick on smooth and soft lips, not on cracked or dry. Use brown sugar, olive oil, honey, mix well and apply on lips with toothbrush until you remove all dead skin from your lips.


3.  Apply lip balm (not much though) just to moisturize. Or if you have lipstick primer.

4.  When lips are dry I prefer to apply foundation or concealer all over my lips (just thin layer).

5.  It’s time to line your lips. Liner should be same color as lipstick. Try not to overdraw, I know that we all want fuller lips, but it’s not how it works. If you really don’t like your lips you can play around with lip pencil and see how it works.

6.  The best method to apply lipstick is by using lipstick brush. If you don’t have one it’s best to start tapping lipstick, don’t go straight forward unless you have skills.


7.  Blot. Gently press paper tissue on top of your lips to remove  excess product and apply loose powder over the tissue.


Some inspiration:

Selena-Gomez-sported-dark-lipstick-her-vampy-look-LA04-gigi-hadid-dark-lips-h72403-zendaya-dark-lips-h72405-khloe-kardashian-dark-lips-h724 06-lily-collins-dark-lips-h72407-rihanna-dark-lips-h72408-rita-ora-dark-lips-h72410-kylie-jenner-dark-lips-h72411-joan-smalls-dark-lips-h7245555be9de449bd0956b5a45dcf397cda775044cbb13927cf4c311be9a9955f3dtimthumbkylie-jenner



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