First dates are super exciting but also nerve racking. You always want to leave good impression, but you don’t know what to expect.

There are some unwritten dating rules.

  1. DON’T BE LATE. Being late shows that you don’t respect other person’s time.
  2. Don’t leave your phone on the table and definitely don’t use your phone. It’s all about getting to know other person, if you spend time on your phone it shows your lack of interest, and even if you’re not interested you should be polite.
  3. If you’re drinking – don’t drink too much. You don’t drink beyond 1-3 drinks (depends of what you drinking). Drink slowly, drink water in between. Alcohol can really ruin first date and you can’t be yourself while tipsy, so does your date. So if there’s possibility better drink coffee or tea.
  4. Traditionally men pays on first date. It’s not a disaster if you split. But woman shouldn’t pay for man.
  5. Don’t talk about your past relationships. Save past stories for later.
  6. I found really annoying when my date rambles about same thing like his mom, work or skill he’s proud of.
  7. Have boundaries. Be a mystery. If you’ll give up everything on a first date that’s not really interesting.

You can act your best, but you want to look your best too.

  1. Dress  for activity. Obviously you want to look gorgeous but if you going to coffee shop you shouldn’t be wearing platforms or cocktail dress and if you’re going to fancy restaurant you shouldn’t be wearing jeans and sneakers.
  2. Make sure you have fresh breath.
  3. Make sure your nails looks classy. Woman with beautiful hands are so much more seductive.13-Prabal-Gurung18-
  4. Smell nice. Go to shower and spray yourself just a little with seductive fragrance.
  5. Make sure your makeup is natural and fresh. Don’t experiment, go with safe variant. You want to highlight your features, that’s all. Which Katy P makeup look do you think is better for a date?


Take it easy, you don’t know this guy, don’t put to much effort. Be polite, clean and classy.

Basically just enjoy your time, enjoy your date and be yourself.



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