Next week one of my best friends moves in for a week or two.

Me and my friend are really different and similar at the same time. I like to imagine in my head that we’re like Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones from Sex and the city. Although we’re not entirely like them but it’s the best equivalent to get the idea…


  1. For me the essential for girls night in is cocktails or wine. If you don’t drink alcohol you can make yourself fresh juice, smoothies, milkshakes or simply tea…


2. What makes girls night in so special? It’s your friends. Talk your heart out with them. Talk about whatever comes to your head.

3. I always find really fun to turn on music and dance or just sing. Acceptable girly themed songs.

4. Bake or cook. It’s fun and you’ll get hungry eventually. For me the best thing to make on girls night in is pizza, cookies or just simple caramel popcorn.

5. If you’re girly girl make some facials, paint your nails in crazy designs, do makeup for your friend, and let her do yours.

6. Watch movies. Magic mike, clueless, first wives club or just binge watch sex and the city series.

7. I’m not really fan of this, but I know that my friends loves it. Selfie time.

And basically just have fun, have great time, don’t try to make everything perfect. 

I found really old picture from slumber party with my girlfriends


Leave in the comments your slumber party ideas.



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