I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty good skin. I mean, I don’t fight with acne or other face  skin problems.  Although my skin require special treatment during winter and summer.

First of all everything comes from within. So if your skin is really dry, you probably suffer from dehydration. And if it’s oily you should eat more green veggies and avoid unhealthy fat. Try to improve your diet by refusing unhealthy, fast food. Eat more vegetables and fruit, avoid sugar and salt.


Drinking water will improve your skin no matter it’s dry, oily or normal. Try to drink at least 1.5 l. per day. And it’s good not just for your skin, it’s good for your body in general. If it’s really hard to drink that much try to add flavor to your water such as lemon, cucumber, ginger, berries etc…


The biggest clear skin enemy is tabacco, alcohol, stress, touching your face and leaving your make up on overnight.

Let’s talk about washing off your make up. It’s important to know your complexion so you would know what kind of cleanser suits your skin best.

My skin is a little dry and here’s how I treat my skin in the evening:

  1. Wash my entire face using cleansing milk. I feel that cleansing milk is more gentle than regular make up
  2. Eye make up remover and cotton pad. 41-28gjiaiL._SY300_.jpg
  3. Wash everything with lukewarm water. Washing my face with hotter water makes my skin even more dry.
  4. GENTLY tap skin with CLEAN towel to absorb all water.
  5. Apply toner.
  6. Apply heavy moisturizer.
  7. And once in a month or two I apply face mask.

In the morning I simply wash my face with water and don’t apply anything. Except summer, I apply sunscreen.

Moving on to make up. Girls tend to put TONS of make up on their skin. I think face should handle loads of make up only on special occasions and everyday it should be as minimal as possible.

Some girls have insecurities about their skin and try to conceal all the flaws. Putting make up on makes everything look better, but doesn’t fix the problem of bad skin. Foundation and powder clogs the pores and your skin can’t breathe properly. That’s why I try to use BB cream rather than foundation.

BB cream is more lighter and moisturizing than foundation, it also evens skin colors and conceals redness or little spots. But if you want coverage for all day it won’t do the thing.


If you have blemishes it’s always better to have fresh make up and encourage the spots rather than “cake/mask” make up.

Follow how your skin reacts to different foods, cleansing and make up products. If you have random pimples once in a while you do something wrong. And if you have acne or pimples every day you should see dermatologist. Don’t experiment with cleansers, masks and stuff like that. If you have problematic skin you should consult before putting anything on it.

I want to point out that I’m not dermatologist and I’m simply sharing what works for my skin.

Stay healthy. D. xo




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