Next week I’m going to a job interview. When I applied I waited month for reply and they asked me to come to job interview. I almost cried (literally) when I got letter. I REALLY want that job.

Not going to lie, I feel really nervous, I want everything to go as perfect as possible. For interview part I know it could go either way, depending on the questions and my stress level. But I can do something else to be remembered. It’s my appearance. And actually appearance is as much important as the interview part.

You should look well groomed and clean. Go to shower, wash your head night before, so you won’t be late (because we all know that washing head, and styling hair takes a lot of time) Style your hair very simply. Make sure interviewer can see your face and eyes, If you know you will be nervous, get your hair in a bun or ponytail that way you sure you won’t touch your hair. I personally will go with hair behind ear look.

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Next is your make up. If you have good skin use just BB cream or very thin layer of foundation – just to even your skin color. Conceal pimples and dark under eye circles. Your skin should look flawless and you should look like you have nothing on it. Contouring and highlighting is better for evening – not for interview.  You can apply a little blush.

Your eyes should look natural. Just apply natural liner (brown, soft grey) and mascara.

And for your lips you can apply either lip balm or light color lipstick. Your lips and your eyes basically going to be mainly thing your interviewer is going to look at so make sure they look good.


Hands. It’s really important because you going to use them while talking. Your nails should look neat. Don’t go crazy with colors, use neutral nail polishes instead, see your manicurist if you have opportunity. Don’t overload your hand with rings and bracelets. Also make sure your hands aren’t cold or sweaty.

Make sure you have nice breath. Don’t chew gum, just eat Tic Tac or something before  interview.

Don’t go crazy with jewelry. You can wear one tasteful ring (but not the one from H&M) I mean gold or silver ring, if you don’t have one just don’t wear ring. Don’t wear Huge necklaces and earrings. Go with very simple almost invisible jewelry.

Moving on to your clothes. It’s VERY important what you’re wearing. Your clothes has to be clean. Make sure it’s not dirty or whatever. Make sure it doesn’t look old.

I personally would never wear suit, classic jacket and white shirt to a job interview because I feel it’s very old-fashioned. I would wear basic, natural colors such a white, black, brown, navy. Here’s outfit what I would wear.

Of course you should know where you going for an interview. If you’re applying for creative job these outfits I picked would be to strict.

Skip perfume. If your interviewer won’t like your perfume he’s going to remember you as ~stinky lady~. You don’t want that.

See your body language. Don’t cross legs or hands, don’t use too much hands, don’t touch hair or face, walk confident, look in the eyes (don’t be intense though), stay calm and confident. Shake hand strong ( don’t break arm), your handshake says a lot about you.

Did I scared you yet? Good. Let’s move on to interview basics. Such as “tell me a little bit about yourself”

I’ve been in couple of interviews over the years and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM started with “tell me about yourself”. Make sure you know what to answer, practice. Make sure you relate every answer to work you’re applying.

“Why did you leave your last job?”  You shouldn’t say negative things about company, co-worker or boss. Don’t talk about money. Don’t lie either.

“Why should we hire you?”

There are loads of questions your interviewer might ask you. And at the end you get to ask the questions. Have a list of questions.

Research the company. Know as much as possible about them. That will show them you really want the job and you’ll be more confident knowing where are you going.

Don’t be late. Go 20 min earlier. You don’t know what’s going to happen while you getting there.

Turn off your phone – not silent mode but OFF.

Have your resume with you, just in case.

Be confident and good luck!

All the love, D x







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