Yesterday, January 20th, was my 22nd birthday.

When I was a kid, I looked at 22 year olds and I thought “wow they are so grown up I wish I could look so cool when I grow up.”

In reality… I’m confused, trying to figure out what is real and what is fake, what I want and what I need.

The other day I found this amazing quote about twenties.


And I couldn’t agree more. This is the only time in your life when you’re still aloud to make mistakes because you’re in that phase where you just figuring out things.

You have to know yourself before making big steps in your life. And by knowing yourself I don’t mean knowing what food you like, or what movie is your favorite, I mean know what you’re passionate about, who is your true friends and what do you need in a friendship, what gives you energy and what takes it from you, what makes you laugh and what make you cry, what do you value the most. Do you know how to be by yourself? With your own thoughts? Do you know how to be in silence without any distraction? What your body and mind tells you?

It’s really important to answer those question from the bottom of your heart.

Anyway, birthdays always been stressful for me.  I don’t really like attention and every year it’s just reminder that I’m growing old. It reminds me all those questions and I still don’t know the answers.


I have this birthday tradition to write myself a letter every birthday or the day after about how I feel, what’s in my mind, what I expect from next year and etc. And I really like to read them. It’s like talking with my past self. LOL.

Still 22 year is a big number I should know SOME things about life ?? So here’s 22 thing I learned in 22 years.

  1. Not everyone’s going like you, but it’s fine. You can’t please everyone. You know what? Just f*ck what other people think!
  2. Sometimes just step outside your comfort zone. It’s good for you. It makes you grow.
  3. Family should be your number one priority NO MATTER WHAT.
  4. Build  strong, authentic and loyal friendships. No fake friends.
  5. Love your body and accept it. No matter what kind of shape you are just love your body. If you don’t feel confident about your body workout and eat healthy. treat your body well, show some love.
  6. Make your bed and your dishes. Seriously, you will feel so much more in peace with your home.
  7. Cuddle pet when you feel sad. They’re just there for you.
  8. Paint, play an instrument, create movie, sing out loud. Express yourself.
  9. Dress the best you can.
  10. Never talk sh*t about people. Unless you’re talking with your best friend.
  11. Take accountability for your actions. Don’t play victim. That is not sexy.
  12. Be sexy for yourself or someone special.
  13. Don’t complain. Ugh. I hate when people complain, don’t be that person.
  14. Watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and don’t be ashamed of that. That Reality show is entertaining.
  15. Find something or someone who inspires you and be updated.
  16. Being lazy is fine, as long as you don’t feel like sh*t.
  17. Travel. Explore.
  18. Don’t even consider idea of doing something to your body you don’t want for someone else. Dye your hair blue and have tattoos.
  19. Cook pizza yourself. I never ever going to eat pizza in pizzeria after homemade pizza.
  20. You’ll get over him eventually. Just be grateful for every minute and second you shared with him.
  21. Go to a music festival and don’t think about anything. Just be crazy in there.
  22. You’re still going to learn a lot of stuff.



All the love, D. x


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