In Lithuania we have really cold winters (when I say cold I mean -25ºC/ -13ºF or even colder), and it’s always wet outside either it’s snow or rain. So when weather gets a little bit warmer and dry  I immediately take out my fancy shoes.  Although it’s a little bit early for sneakers I can’t wait to put my sneakers on.

I love wearing sneakers because firstly it’s super comfortable and secondly it’s easy to style. I mean, sneakers go with pretty much anything.

You can style sneakers with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, suits and basically whatever you feel like. Sneakers add that “I feel really chill today and didn’t feel like putting much effort into my outfit, but I kind of did…”

OK, try to imagine same outfit (bellow) but with heels. Heels immediately gives “I put so much effort into my look, please say I look good” vibe. And sneakers screams “You know what? IDGAF!”

If sneakers would have social status Adidas Superstarts would be the queen and Adidas Yeezy Boost would be the king. If for some reason you live under the rock for last couple of years and don’t know how these magical shoes look like:

Sadly I don’t own any of those. But I promised myself that I will.

Superstars are so basic but yet very special. And I love the fact that the design is so adaptable. You can wear them with jeans and with suit. With shorts and with dress. It looks very modern but yet has a little vintage look in it.


To own a pair of Yeezy’s nowadays it’s like owning a cell phone in 1990’s. You’re so damn cool if you own a pair. I mean every famous person has a pair and to own something that your favorite celebrity owns it’s damn good feeling. I feel like Yeezy’s are not so easy to style as Superstars, but still you can wear them with pretty much anything you want.

One of my favorite haute couture shows was Chanel Spring Summer 2014 the entire collection was so light and modern. And I was shocked that Karl Lagerfeld decided to use trainers in haute couture. I thought that was really odd yet marvelous thing to do. Trainers always been linked to man not women. And for women to wear trainers that gracefully and feminine… Oh, I thought that entire collection was epic.

Here’s Rihanna wearing look 18 from the sow:

Chanel Fashion Show at PFW: PhotoCall **USA ONLY**


And more inspiration:

All the love, D. x





Most of the pictures are taken from and check more sneaker inspiration here




One thought on “SNEAKERS

  1. StevieLove says:

    I pretty much live in my Vans and Converse. I want to go get some Vans hi tops in red, they have a Vans outlet near me. Another cute vintage sneaker from Adidas is the Samoa. Love your blog and I hope you post some more sneaker pictures!


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