I’ve wanted to write this post few months ago, but then I just didn’t knew what to say exactly… The more I was interested in this topic the more I felt hopeless…  Lately I realized that’s a big topic and even bigger problem.

Girls who are thin not necessarily feel confident about their  body. I never weighted more than 60 kg, which makes my BMI completely normal since I’m 169 cm. I’ve always been considered as skinny girl by others. But that little voice inside of me always said “you’re not good enough”. Which makes me really frustrated because my weight and the way I look is actually very normal… And this made me question “what makes me feel this way?”. I never get bad comments on my body, but I feel super insecure about how I look in front of others… Why is that?

I started to dig in and I realized that I’m not the only one who feels that way. It’s hard to be confident about your body when in our society and in media we (girls) have so much pressure to look perfect. We have set up examples in our society how perfect body should look like. And the worst part about this that this example of perfect body comes to our subconscious at the very young age.

Let me explain…

Basically the way we see women in social media, movies, TV shows, commercials etc. sets example for us how we should look without us even realizing it.

Type in “the best movies for girls” and you’ll see the list of dumb romantic comedies which is mainly focused about love and pursuing a guy of your dreams, or falling in love, or whatever. It focuses on how girls should look from guys perspective. And most girls are lost without love in these movies, they are powerless without a man by their side.

What the hell is that all about???

Ok. Now type in “the best movies for guys” and you’ll see movies about man being powerful and strong and saviors of the world.

Well, from the young age girls subconsciously try to look good for the man. Because it’s all about finding your prince charming, right? Who will rescue us from misery, provide for us while we’re going to raise kids and just look sexy.

In my opinion this is huge misconception, because we should feel sexy not for man, but for ourselves.

Woman are objectified in our society. We see girls more as things than a complex individuals. Girls tend to share a lot of their sexuality on social media… And movies, TV shows, magazines or commercials focus on outside beauty of woman. We see girls photoshopped, with perfect make up, radiant skin, six pack etc. So we think that this is our path to success and power. Because all the girls who “made it” looks that way. And the rest of (non famous) girls mostly have physical flaws and think to themselves “why my hair is so thin?”, “why do I have acne?”, “I’m so fat” and so on. 

Skinny girls not necessarily feel confident. They have complexes and insecurities. I have tons of insecurities about my body. And they not necessarily are about the number on the scale. It’s about having perfectly smooth and radiant skin, about having long legs and toned body. About feeling guilty while eating cupcake or pizza, because if you do you’re considered to be lazy, slovenly, careless…

I remember a while ago everyone though that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant (I though so too) because she had a little “baby bump” turns out she’s not. I bet she just ate pizza before red carpet. But that shows how little we need to judge on that little flaw. Or few months ago Kendall Jenner had pimple on her chin and everyone was making fun of her. Or Rihanna with cellulite. They are body shamed which also sets up wrong standards for us, that we can’t look that way or we’ll be body shamed as well.



Last thing I will say is that you should feel confident in your body. No matter you have cellulite or acne or you weight to much. Just feel good in your own skin. Measure yourself by your accomplishments and not the way you look. And stop body shaming, stop this destructive behavior that is happening. Be role model to everyone who feels insecure about their body.

Thank your for reading.

D. xo


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8 thoughts on “BODY IMAGE

  1. says:

    Misogyny is ingrained in so many societies for so long. It must be stopped now and always. It angers me greatly that it yet goes on. It is a global concern and I consider myself a citizen of the planet who is joining with every voice out there.
    I completely agree with you – your post buoys my spirit. And know that my wife, my daughter and my granddaughter fully support this movement too!
    Thank you for your voice 🙂

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  2. Idealize says:

    Hey, hallelujah cause I thought I was the only one thinking so. But the real issue is that women do it amongst themselves, throwing stones, judging each other. Having No love. That’s what should be combatted.
    It was perfectly written. Well done.


      1. Idealize says:

        Hayayaya we’ve had to be sisters in another world haha. So glad to meet you. Please read my post *Perfection* and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance 😅


  3. grevisangel73 says:

    I constantly worry about my weight and how I look and what people think. In the last three years I have gained 30 pounds, shrunk a 1/4 of an inch. I didn’t use to feel this way because I was the perfect weight, perfect body, but now that I am in my early 50’s, everything has changed. I don’t really wish this on anyone, being woman, at some point you are more than likely to change as your hormones fluctuate. I never thought about this until it happened. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and never gained a pound. Most of us will have to face this so a healthy diet, working out, a positive attitude and sleeping well should be a part of the regimen. Now saying all that and doing it, are two different things. I am bad at following my own advice, it’s not easy to change your lifestyle after so many years.

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