In my opinion some people have very weird opinion on makeup and to be honest I’ve been inspired by those people to write this post. So thank you, haters.

First of all I see makeup as form of art. I like doing my make up, experiment with colors, looks, makeup brands, brushes… And some people see makeup as wearing mask and being fake. In that case I could say that we all are fake. Even when we wear clothes. We wear it to impress others, otherwise we would wear same clothes being alone at home as we wear in public. But for example I wear loungewear when I’m alone. Because that’s how it is. We say we don’t care but why you don’t wear your pyjamas outside the house? Because you do care.

I feel the same about make up. Expect that sometimes I do my make up even I don’t need to go anywhere. Why? Because it’s fun! I like draw black swan on myself or do pinup girl look when I’m alone. I like to experiment.

I believe that girls are so lucky that they can do they makeup. For me different makeup gives different moods. When I wear dark lips I feel more bad-ass and when I give myself full glam I’m more confident, when I do my lips and eyebrows but leave my eyes untouched I feel more bohemian.


(it’s not me by the way, I just like her makeup 🙂 )


Let’s talk about confidence. It’s not that I’m not confident without make up but it definitely boost my confidence. And I don’t see nothing wrong with that. I feel insecure about my dark under eyes and about uneven skin color. I feel so much more confident when I conceal it. What’s wrong with being confident?

Small things like putting red lips on does (unconsciously) influence to the way we talk, we move, we sit or walk and it actually benefits to our social life.

I see my face as a canvas and myself as an artist. What about you?




30 thoughts on “MAKE UP

  1. rumpydog says:

    I have conflicted feelings about makeup. I do wear it to work because it does make me feel more confident. But I also know the makeup industry takes in billions annually by making us feel not so good about ourselves. Because, let’s face it, if you didn’t feel you needed the confidence booster, you probably wouldn’t wear it.

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    1. Diva says:

      Makeup definitely gives confidence boost but I believe that it’s important sometimes go out without makeup and feel confident without makeup. I think confidence comes from within and makeup is just small part of it. I trully want for all the girls (and especially teen girls) feel that they are beautiful the way they are and make up is just for experamentation. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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  2. says:

    Indeed. Never allow any other person (or corporation) to do your thinking for you. Group-thought is convenient for those with an agenda or profit motive. I once heard a marketer offer this advice for making a sale: “Convince the consumer that *they* are independently thinking what *we* want them to be thinking.” That’s unethical IMO.
    And yes, “wear it to work because it does make me feel more confident.” I like that 🙂

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  3. cornfedcontessa says:

    Thanks for the follow. I’ve loved make up for years. I’ve seen many trends come and go. As I’ve gotten older, I find I wear much less make up. I went to Ulta today, and the young woman who helped me had so much make up on. She would have looked great except she went overboard on the bronzer. I use to be a make up artist, and the biggest cut I got was in the 1980’s. This middle aged woman came into the store, I asked her what kind of a look she was going for. She plainly said “we’ll I certainly don’t want to look like you.” I was all of 23 and everyone wore a ton of make up in the 1980’s. I felt like saying “lady, let’s just put a bag on your head and call it a day!.” Of course we always think of the best lines after the person has left our presence.

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  4. M. Miles says:

    Nice to hear your thoughts! Myself, I almost never wear make-up, but I have no negative feelings about people who do. And I can completely understand the desire to experiment with different looks, like the Black Swan and the pin-up girl, at home. It’s like letting your inner child loose to play dress-up!

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  5. Deb says:

    Do what makes you feel happy and don’t worry about what others think. It’s completely innocent and harmless. I never wore makeup, except mascara until I started menopause then for some reason I was completely drawn to it. I enjoy wearing it too! Be yourself in whatever manner pleases you! 🙂

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  6. circadianreflections says:

    I’ve always loved being a female. I love the pretty clothes, shoes, and MAKE UP! I used to get into my Mother’s make-up all the time. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get my very own make-up bag full of beautiful things to apply to my face.

    I use it to enhance the best features, and play down the ones I dislike like my red blotchy complexion, pointy chin, and I think broad nose. My favorite tools in my bag are lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. I never, never, never leave the house without lipstick! I wear lipstick camping, and hiking.

    Your swan eyes are neat!

    Thanks for following my blog!


  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for writing this post. Soceity is so annoyoing now adays about beauty. People should wear what they want, only because of what they like, and not be influenced by what other people pressure them to wear, not wear, etc. Gave you a follow!!xxx 😉


  8. maggiesimplelife says:

    I think the same too. I think people who expert at make up are so cool! Especially those who make their face completely different. It requires a lot of practice and hard work. Also it needs talent. I like how you say it is an art. I don’t like when people think make up is something to cover their face or hide their insecure.

    By the way, I tag you to 2016 / 2017 tag. Please check it out and Happy 2017!


  9. Grab the Lapels says:

    I love big, bold artistic make-up. LOVE IT. However, I feel like folks put on a mask when they use make up that looks like it “isn’t there.” That “compliment” basically means, “Oh, good! You look like a better version of you instead of your usual hideous self, but you also don’t look like a porn star!”


  10. NewMoonPlan says:

    I used to wear make-up because I was insecure lol today I wear none because my life had changed so much. The place I live in will melt everything off your face during the summer anyway and most people here don’t wear any make-up due to this point either. I think the environment we live in definitely plays a big role, too but I couldn’t agree more with you, we shouldn’t wear it to feel better about ourselves. It’s great that you use it as a form of self-expression!


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