To all the dreamers

It’s my birthday today and I turned 23. When I was a kid I thought that by the time I’ll be 23 I’ll have my own home, I’ll work as prosecutor, I’ll have a husband, at least one kid and at least three dogs.

None of these expectations became reality and it’s OK, because I actually don’t want these things anymore.

I’m a dreamer. I’ve always loved imagine perfect life. I dream about small things such as coffee in the morning and big things such as peace in the world (sounds so cliche but I honestly dream about this)

As life goes on I usually find myself lost in work and I forget to dream, forget to enjoy these little things and forget to reach for my big dreams…


For as long as I remember I’ve always been obsessed with Paris, even thought I’ve never been there I felt strong connection to that place, and then my dream came true and I visited Paris and it was one of the best weeks of my life so far. I fell in love with that city. And now I booked flight to Paris again.

This city associates with dreams to me and it’s nice to know that I’m going to feel like dreamer again, I feel like I need to recharge, because I‘ve been pushing myself too hard for the past couple of months.

I believe that it is important to have dreams. Because dreams makes us go forward, they keep us motivated. And when they come true they make us feel happy and powerful that we accomplished them. And usually when you really want something and you try hard, you put effort to achieve your dream then all world helps you to get it. Even though you don‘t feel it.

You have to be brave, and follow your dreams, don‘t settle for someone else‘s plan, it‘s your life, your choices, your happines. Fight for what you believe in!

So, cheers to all the dreamers! Dream big while you sleep, and even bigger when you’re awake.

What do you dream about? Leave a comment.


D. xx


53 thoughts on “To all the dreamers

  1. satoricircle says:

    Thank you for following Satori Circle… and Happy Birthday! 🙂 I have been enjoying “wandering” around your blog. Your writing is very true to who you are, it seems to me. And Paris is magical, indeed! It delights me to know that you will be going back to visit. I hope to do the same myself, sometime soon. Keep being a dreamer. 🙂 Anthony

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  2. rgayer55 says:

    Here’s a little poem I wrote years ago that seems to fit well with your post.


    There’s nothing wrong with dreamers dreaming,
    not satisfied to be content.
    Always reaching for something higher,
    something better just around the bend.

    It’s the passion that keeps them going.
    It fuels the fire of competitive edge.
    That one more skill, that spec of knowledge,
    the unseen trait that puts them ahead.

    Though life may seem like an endless cycle,
    from cradle to grave—alas, complete.
    Where would we be without the dreamers,
    who are not afraid to chase their dreams?

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  3. Roy McCarthy says:

    What if your dreams don’t come true? What if they do and the reality isn’t as you expected?

    Paris is gorgeous though and I hope you enjoy it in your own time without rushing to see all the sights. And Happy Birthday 🙂

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  4. tmezpoetry says:

    I have a hard time keeping up with all those I follow on a timely bases but I am glad I was only a day late with the Birthday wishes here! Happy Birthday.


  5. eliinprogress says:

    This post was magnificent! I’m so glad I stumbled across your page. Thank you for inspiration, it was much needed. I totally agree with you that dreams are really what keeps us going. I mean, it’s such a fundamental truth and I’m glad you took the time to address that!! 🙂 If you’re interested, check out my post (slam poem) called “Onward and Upward, My Friends” on my blog… I think you’d like it!


  6. Elizabeth says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’m sorry but I have to laugh when I read about a 23 year old writing about “when I was a kid,” To me you’re STILL a kid! The hazards of getting old. I dream of going to Ireland. I want to find relatives still there and just walk the land where my family lived. Of course my phobia about flying is definitely getting in the way!


  7. kinza s says:

    Love this! I also had been dreaming of Paris since I was a child and finally took the trip last year. Paris is honestly a dream and thank you for reminding me of that. Happy belated birthday to you! 🙂 xx


  8. tanssityttö says:

    I’m dreaming of travelling. I just don’t have money enough now but I really wanted to do it before it’s too late. Years go by. Every day I get older and I don’t know what is my shape if I wait too long…


    1. MY LIFE RAMBLES says:

      You don’t need a lot of money to travel. You can find cheap flights or go by bus which is cheaper I guess. Maybe stay at airbnb instead of hotel. Cook at home instead of eating at the restaurants. What do you think?


      1. tanssityttö says:

        Yes, I know that there is cheaper ways to travel but it still costs something. I should get my trip for free. Everything we got will go to normal life. Well, maybe some day…


  9. D. Rountree says:

    “Dream big while you sleep, and even bigger when you’re awake.” <– Love this! How inspiring! Thanks for posting! Wishing you the best on reaching your dreams.


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