Signs you’ve been pushing yourself too hard

It’s been very hard month for me, I had a lot of work, personal issues and right now I feel like my life somehow is messed up. I’ve pushed myself too hard… It’s good that I’ve stopped and reflected what is wrong.

I was shocked how many things I’ve just skipped in my life just because I was too busy and had a lot of stuff to do. I took few days off at work to take care of myself and it really helped. I had time to sleep, read, eat what I like, talk to people I love, go for a walk and clear my mind, meditate, clean up, listen to music, workout, pamper myself, watch movies and write.

I believe that mental health is very important and that every person should be in touch with their emotions. That’s why I felt terrible last month because I had no “me time” . Sometimes people simply don’t have time to reflect on their mental state, that’s why I thought it would be helpful to write what I experienced and how I noticed that I’m a mess. I hope it’s going to help some of you to just stop and reflect on your routine.

Here are few signs you might be pushing yourself too hard as well.

  1. You feel exhausted and sleepy or maybe you even battling insomnia.
  2. You have cold or flu, it comes and goes.
  3. You feel like everything you do is out of your control.
  4. You find yourself isolated from others and you don’t want to participate in any social activities.
  5. Not doing things you usually enjoy, or not enjoying them anymore.
  6. You feel more fussy, anxious, stressed and angry than ever.
  7. You forget thing quickly and your short time memory is failing.
  8. You don’t care of yourself as you used to.
  9. Your eating habits changed.
  10. Your home is messy.
  11. You feel sad for no serious reason.
  12. You find yourself regretting things from the past.

This is mainly what I experienced but I believe that it works differently for each person. So I ask you to leave a comment how do you know that you push yourself too hard and it’s time for a break? How do you recharge?  Maybe you’ll help someone from burning out just with your comment.

Thank you for reading.

D. xx


20 thoughts on “Signs you’ve been pushing yourself too hard

  1. writerinsoul says:

    It’s good to remind ourselves. A couple years ago I made two index cards I keep handy. One is “Signs you’re getting sick” and the other is “When you are tired you are prone to…” Written when I felt fine, they both are like wise counsel when I feel crummy and don’t know what’s wrong.

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  2. eliinprogress says:

    Along with the list you provided, I definitely know I’m pushing myself too hard when I no longer find any joy in the thought of reading a new book. To combat this, I simply stop everything that I’m doing and meditate. I take the time out of my busy schedule to breathe in and out, feel my heartbeat, focus on the reality surrounding me, and center my wild thoughts. I think it’s so important that people do this kind of self-check thing… with more people doing it, the world could be a hell of a lot better a place.


  3. Roy McCarthy says:

    At least you recognised the signs and acted accordingly. I know meditation (eliinprogress ^^^) works well for some. And, if you can, try to appreciate what you have rather than strive to gain more – easier as you get old(er) admittedly 🙂 You do a bit of running, don’t you? I’ve found no better way of de-stressing and clearing the mind.


  4. Joker Shayar says:

    i know i am not pushing myself too hard for anything,,,, but i am feeling the same things you mentoned here :O… am i going to die :p.. or i will survive like this only ..-_-


    1. MY LIFE RAMBLES says:

      Everyone understands “pushing yourself” differently. Comparing myself to some people I’m not pushing myself as well, but I don’t like to compare myself with others. I just try to be the best version of myself. 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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  5. Angel Stew & Devil's Brew says:

    I’m definitely on the “push” list only I’m 30 yrs. older than you and retired. 🙂 I suppose it’s time to take some me time and rejuvenate. Thank you for the reminder. So many times I feel like I’m in a taffy pull with life. Definitely taking some “me” time. 🙂

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  6. Russel Ray Photos says:

    My wise old grandmother adopted me when I was 10. One thing I learned from her is to treat every day like every other day. No Mondays, no Fridays, no weekends, no holidays. By doing that, one would never forget to do something because “I was looking forward to the weekend” or not be in the mood for work on Monday because “I’m so not over the weekend yet.”
    “I wish the weekend was longer.”
    “I need another holiday. Quick!”
    “Friday can’t get here soon enough!”
    However, she also taught me that I am the most important person on earth so each and every day also has to have time scheduled in it for little ol’ me.
    Here I am, 62, and going strong because every day I practice what she taught me.


  7. Oristel Guenael says:

    Good for you! But, you did not mess up! You can’t mess up! You just learned something that didn’t work! There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself a little hard! Keep thinking positively and keep moving! Great post and thank you for the symptoms tips! I think I’m coming down with something! Lol!


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